IMG Literary is currently closed for submissions until October 2023

Imagine Media Group Literary Management is actively seeking to work with authors at all stages of their careers, whether you are a new or an established author.

We’re aggressively seeking commercial and literary fiction with fresh voices and memorable characters. Please email a query letter, which includes a paragraph about yourself, a paragraph about your book (short synopsis), and your contact information addressed to a specific associate in our company.

We respond to all queries, generally within six to eight weeks or sooner. Please do not send your entire novel unless we request it.

We receive hundreds of submissions per month, all carefully considered, so we encourage your patience. If we request your manuscript, we prefer that you send it to us on an exclusive basis.

Note: we only accept queries via email at Do not use social media to query our company. Make sure everything is in the body of the email. We do not open unsolicited attachments.

We only accept manuscripts that have been proofread and are clean of typos and errors. Manuscripts should be in Times New Roman, size 12. Do not use tabs for indents. Instead, use the paragraph indent settings Word has provided. (Tabs should never be used in a professional manuscript). All text should be left-aligned. Editors are more inclined to read a clean submission, increasing your chances of moving forward.

In need of an editor? Does your manuscript need a proofread before an agent sees it? Then check with the editors at our affiliate company Imagine Press Inc. for a competitive rate.

Please do not query two of our team within our company simultaneously. If one passes on your work, feel free to query another then.

We do not represent picture books, westerns, poetry, or children’s books.

None of us at IMGroup Literary charge reading fees.

  • Note: Jonas Saul is closed to submissions until February 1st, 2023.